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Sound Quality

This guitar sounds great for the money. When I picked it up in the store, I knew I was leaving with it. It has a very bright, crisp sound with just the right amount of bass. The mid doesn't overpower the sound as it does a lot of acoustics. This is an excellent guitar. The only problem is there is a little fret buzz, but I'm getting it taken care of. As for in the studio, I have messed around with it using an AKG C1000 condenser mic and it sounds great. Haven't done any serious recording with it yet though.


Hardware seems very sturdy and will last for a long time. Haven't used it live yet, but I would venture to say that it can hold it's own on stage. This is a well made, durable guitar. If I were playing an acoustic show, I would'nt take a backup. This guitar seems very trustworthy. I would however take extra strings. Can never be too careful!

General Comments

I think that this is an excellent guitar. I would recommendto anyone looking for a good acoustic to buy this guitar. If you can't get this model, just get an Alvarez!!!

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