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  1. $1600! including the shipping that's my final come on guys! if want pictures I can email you pictures. my email is iibrahim@cfl.rr.com
  2. $1900 including shipping! if anyone wants any pictures let me know so I can send them to you. i also accept money order!
  3. I bought it because of it's awesome keys but I decided it is over my budget for now. so I sadly have to depart with it. my return policy has expired with GC (15 days). so I'm forced to let go for a loss. Roland X7 with it's original box and manuals V2! I'm asking for $2000 and i will include shipping! I only accept paypal! I have to say, it has the best synth key ever! nice, really fast to play on! much better than the motifs and the tritons.
  4. xmor

    roland Fantom S

    I give it a 10. I 've had korg tritons/karma and the yamaha motifs and they all had great sounds. but that Roland keyboard made me more creative than when I was playing other keyboards I 've owned. the fantomS (Roland keyboards manly) have that unlimited sounds that takes you to excatly were you want and not just close!
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