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The Boogie Man

Reverend Guitars Kingsnake 20/60 112 Combo

Sound Quality

You better pick the tone you want with the selector and preamp controls where you like it best, the other two settings will be okay but you may not like them when switching between all 3, kind of like 3 channels but you have to tweak each one using the same controls. I just stick to one and it works well. Reverb is good when it works, more later. I had some rattle in the cab and had to tighten up the screws.


The Reverb tank has been replaced 2 times in less than a year, the things just die, why? Both 6L6 were replaced with Groove Tube's just before I got the amp, and all the preamp tubes were replaced with NOS Sylvania's, the original owner never used the Standby switch and the original tubes died after several months of use, he gigs every weekend. I'd rate it a little higher except for the reverb issue.

General Comments

It's a good amp for what it is, I would not buy another one, as a used amp it was a good deal, as a new amp I think it is over ratted. It came with all new tubes and sounds great with my LP and my '62 RI Strat. I haven't gigged with it yet but think it will fill the room. I like it better than my Blues Jr. but not as well as my Roland JC 50, that's just weird. I think the Roland is better sounding and works great as a medium size gig amp, and has never let me down. If this amp fell off the edge of the world and you wanted it I'd help you get it with a big push, all kidding asside, I like it but most likely will sell it and try something else.

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