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epiphone Korina 1958 Explorer Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I played everything with this guitar. But only the hard stuff sounded good. Sometimes I wished I could switch to my Strat mid-song when I needed cool tones. I almost shelled out $$ for a stand so I wouldn't have to hear this thing clean, but in the end, I just went for the Strat anyways. I lost power but all around I sounded better. IF you don't want to have what we musicians call "dynamics" and wanna plow through ears like a bat out of hell go for it.


Play it live, but have a backup. Like I said I had the input jack cut out on me at a gig. The strap buttons suck, you will have to buy strap locks. The gold hardware is silver now, its been 6 months.

General Comments

I'm selling it in 2 days actually. Going for something with diverse sound and that can just do more. I was seduced by the ability to look unique and got a lame guitar, with a big hit in the pocket as far as resale value $200. Compared to my Strat it is way more powerful, but the Strat can do much more. Lastly, it actually looks cooler than you think it does :)

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