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Sound Quality

I'm using an Ibanez BTB 1005 fretless, and a BTB 510. I'm using an SWR 500 (NOT a workingman series)head, through a BBE sonic maximizer, and a kustom 250 watt power amp, through two carvin 18's and four carvin 10's. Sometimes I use two madison 4 10 cabs. This thing can be noisy, the only effect that is usable is the chorus..but you can't use too much or it sounds crappy. Try not to use the eq on this thing either, you can never get it to sound solid. Every other effect sucks. I just use them to goof around. This thing is BY far the crappiest piece of equipment in my setup.


I have unfortunatly had to use this thing on gigs lately, because I broke my old pedal. I've beat the crap out of this thing and it always comes back just as crappy as before. It's strong though, I've stomped on it as hard as possible and it's fine.

General Comments

I play heavy rock, metal, or something like that. i've been playing for 3 to 4 years, and I've owned a couple of boss pedals, and I've had this thing lying around forever, and I finally have to use it. I am trying to buy something else, but I don't know what I want yet. I wish it was invisible, so other bass players wouldn't see me using it.

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