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crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I am using a p90 loaded tele, no effects save a tubescreamer. Takes pedals well. Initially, the tone was dark, boomy, and broke up waaaay too early. Preamp gain verged on idiot-metal when dimed. At lower levels, still was too gritty- and not in that nice way. I researched how to tame it, and was going for a pair of 5751 preamp tubes to throw in V1 and V2 positions... Instead, ended up with Mesa 12at7s... Now it is balanced, toneful, with plenty of headroom. Did not lose any perceptible volume, although I haven't played out with it since the swap. Real nice tone, and pedal sounds even better now. Much more vintage-ier tone now. Very workable. Comparable to my blues junior(which I love!), but a hair off. Very, VERY sweet amp now... Stock speaker is workable... Getting better as the break in period is coming along. Only about 1" clearance on it, so I don't know if I can swap out for the eminence swamp thing I've been eyeballing. I don't know if I will, even if room wasn't an option. Reverb is a 2 spring tank, from Ruby Tubes. OKay, just don't go past 2 or 3, because then its Spaceman time. Plenty of spl to gig with, unless your drummer has yet to learn that broken heads aren't a badge of honor.


Seems well built. I had it down to bare nuts on my table... Decent cb, secure soldering (no "chinese brown" to the joints). Well put together. I would gig w/o a backup on occasion if I had to with it.

General Comments

I am thinking about buying a second to run in stereo- or the 33 watt- or the 50 watt... Shoot, I want to get them all! haha


These are a BARGAIN at the clearance prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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