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Sound Quality

In a word: EXCELLENT. And...in contrast to a previous review that indicated that the pedal doesn't work well through the front end ... WRONG. I just felt compelled to add a review here to counter what was said. The Lil-Leo DOES work well...extremely well...in the normal stomp-chain mode. (You always have to read a review with a "grain of salt" as they say .... an OD/distortion stomp should NEVER have to be run through an effects loop to sound good. That's not to say that you CAN'T do it ... it's your rig, do what works for you. But, to set the record straight .... this pedal works perfectly fine in the typical manner.) I play several guitars, including a G&L ASAT classic; PRS Mira; Fender Strat mod'ed w/ Joe Bardens; and a Reverend Club King HB. My amp's are a Genz-Benz Black Pearl 2x12" combo (class-A EL84, 30 watt); Fender Superchamp XD (6V6 tube amp w/DSP effects), mod'ed with JJ tubes and an Eminence Ragin' Cajun 10" speaker swap; and a Line 6 Flextone III XL. The Lil'Leo is one of the best OD's i've played, that sounds good with all of my equipment. That speaks well of the overall design of the pedal. Oh and BTW....it sounds "Fender-y" .... ha! (ala "Leo")


I'm not hard on pedals, per se. I bought this one used off of eBay, so who knows what it went through prior to me. It's been holding up well.


General Comments

See other sections for pedal commentary. I play classic and modern blues; some light jazz-y styled music; modern country; classic styles of rock; some "alternative" (however you choose to define 'alternative'). The Lil'Leo fits in pretty well when i need a Fender-y type of light-to-moderate OD sound through my tube amps. It sounds best (to me) with Fender amp's....the more watts the better. My SC XD chimes in at 15 watts, which through the clean channel, can sound pretty damn nice. I've run this pedal through a Twin (88-watt version) and a Deluxe (20 watts or so.) We're talking NICE here. Esp. with the Twin, you won't have to push that beast up to deafening levels to achieve some nice gritty Fender textures.

Reviewer's Background

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