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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

It has surprisingly good tone and dynamics and is fun to play. With the matching cabinet can sound pretty raunchy without that horrible speaker farting. However, as some others have commented, it sounds a little "thin" to me. The example I tried has abundant treble which I think is a good thing because you can always roll back the tone on the strat and still enjoy the treble with the Les Paul. The downside though is lack of bass for which there is no easy solution. Only other complaint is the lack of clean headroom, although this may vary from one unit to the next and some reviewers have noticed improvement with different valves. Comparing it the the Fender Champion combo with it's laughable 6" speaker this represents much better tone for buck.


Have not had the unit long enough to have it break down, but looks pretty rugged.

General Comments

When purchasing I was looking for good valve tone at a civilised volume that could be used at home. This fits the bill, and I can also use it at church and mike it up. What I like most is that it gets that saturated tone without the volume, although I intend to get better quality valves to improve clean headroom. Compared to it's nearest rival the Fender Champion this represents by far better bang for the buck. Here downunder in NZ the fender retails for (an astounding) $US450 equivalent, while the Valve Junior with matching cab is closer to $US500 equivalent (shocking I know), but even at this price I still want it. I wouldn't say the same for the Fender Champion. I consider the price in US justifies buying better valves to improve tone, but here in NZ I'll thrash the ones it comes with first.

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