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James Britan

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I use a Gibson ES335, a Les Paul Studio, and a Fender Telecaster. My amp of choice is a Mesa LoneStar Special. I play Rock, blues, and New country, and this drive is PERFECT for those styles, plus the low end is awesome. Not a noisy pedal at all, and it's a true overdrive, NOT a ratty distortion pedal. I can get an SRV tone, Skynyrd, any blues, country, or classic rock tone you want.


This is my 3rd Humphrey Audio Pedal, anmd I know Mark Humphrey would back his products if there were any problems. I also have his modded Boss Compression pedal and a modded Boss SD-1. EXCELLENT equipment.

General Comments

Again, Rock, Blues, New country, and my own stuff which is a mixture of all kinds of mayhem.

Been playing for 16 years, and have owned all the expensive pedals.

Klon, Xotic booster, ( I almost forgot, Mark Built me a booster pedal also, and it KILLS!!!) Barber, etc.

Humphrey Audio stuff rates highly and all the pedal i have from him are keepers.


I love the fact that Mark didn't turn this into a Dirty distortion pedal, but kept the overall drive characteristics of a true OD.


It is an inspiring pedal indeed, and I use the heck out of it.

I'll be doing more buis with Humphrey for sure.


I know I'm leaving straight '10' ratings here, and I NEVER do this because nothing is a '10', I'm just that satisfied with Humphrey's stuff.

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