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Sound Quality

Someone in a vintage equipment store told me: if you're looking for dumb 80's drumsounds, you 'll be happy, that's all it does! Of course it easily peeoows in a disco manner (and that's more 70's) and be sure, don't buy it if you want "realistic" drumsounds; but if you're into analog timbres for perc, it is great and versatile enough . As you usually will feed it some other drumsound for trig, it won't be alone in the range. I find the trigger sensing very ....sensitive to amplitude when i plug in audio. I do not think these are EPROM based sounds, but real VCOS, although i never opened it to check. Good for any electronic type of music . I used it a lot for doubling sampled sounds with panning modulation


I got it with one dead voice (the snare) But the baby must be around 20 yrs old... TO gig with will remind of the 70's: lots of cables, a scrapbook for cntrl rates Good times, said they...

General Comments

It is hard to find but some are GIVEN AWAY !!!

Owned it 3 years. I love it.

It compares to the CORON DRUMSYNTHE RDS. which were

,like Tama, inspired by the simmons modules in the first place.

Sometimes i sample it, sometimes use it directly in mixes for that analog PRESENCE it adds...

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