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Sound Quality

This is almost a rackmount quality EQ now. Meaning it is so incredibly quiet after the mod. It also tightened up the lowest and highest bands so much that I can't play without it. If it had 5 more EQ sliders on it, it would be rackmount quality. This really is a great pedal now. Without the mod it is so noisy and some of the bands almost acted like a parametric EQ because the pedal colored the tone so much. Now, I just make a slight "smiley face" pattern, set the level to flat, and keep it on all the time. Done. It just makes my tone sparkle from top to bottom, and is so flexible now. In fact, I never EVER have to reach over and adjust my amp settings anymore. I set them and leave them. If I want to tweak my settings, it's easier and more effective to do it from the pedal. Think about it: tweaking it right there instead of walking 15 or 20 feet over to your amp (which skews your perception anyway because you don't stand in the same place you adjust your amp from) I guess what I'm saying is the pedal is now a vital part of my live playing. Before the mod, it was a matter of fighting the noise and color to get my tone under control. Now, I control the tone. Very comforting.


I've used it for several months now. Bulletproof.

General Comments

Really I can't play without this thing. I use it on my pedalboard all the time. It's just on permanently. I CANNOT use my acoustic guitar without it when playing live. In fact, I've abandoned all desire to ever own any type of acoustic amp now. I just don't need one. This pedal w/ my acoustic pickup recreates my acoustic's tone better than any acoustic amp I've ever heard. So many people have asked me how I get such a pure, clear, woody tone. It's like miking it w/ a good ribbon condenser mic! I'd rather play like this than with a "real acoustic" amp anyday. I've played 'em all: SWR (California & Strawberry Blondes) Trace Elliot, Crate, whatever. They just don't sound like an acoustic guitar should to me.


I would have to replace this if stolen or lost. It's my most important "can't do without it" pedal.

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