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DigiTech GNX3 Guitar Workstation

Sound Quality

I go from a Iron Maiden Strat ,to a Gibson S.G. to an E.M.G. loaded Ibanez R.G.series,to an Yamaha R.G.1212 active in the course of a night.I play it into a Fender Twin and the P.A. at the same time.This sounds great through a tube amp, it seems to fatten it up,and using the P.A. helps with the F.O.H. volume.This unit has tone if you just check out the manual. I do Preist,Skynard,Ozzy,Thin Lizzy,AC/DC, and every thing in between,and time and time again it comes through with great sound.


I always have a back up who wouldn't? But it's also digitech an RP-21D but i've never had to bust it out ecept for fun


General Comments

Yeah I'd gey another one.Perhaps the new one. I cover many different styles,I gig constantly.It's always just the way I left it.

Reviewer's Background

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