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Sound Quality

I play retro 80's and Van Halen-Eric Johnson-metal and this unit out does ANY processor out there. I have had the boss GT series and the line 6 (too digital sounding) but this will NEVER be beat for what it does and how it sounds. It cost me $160 plus $130 for the foot pedal and let me say you get 6 more foot pedals on this rather than the chincy 4 with any others. You'd think line 6 and boss would step it up to the 90's at least! I use a '93 les paul with this thru a Peavey classic 50 head tube which is very clean and a line 6 cab with celestions for now, but want a real power amp and marshall at some point. Right now it will cut your head off and sounds sooooo pro, there really is a difference. If your playing blues, fenders are the deal, but with 80's metal and fusion that ain't gonna happen. There are sounds in here I still find. I highly suggest this unit, the clean sounds are so punchy! Where I used to use my volume control to get clean, now I can use a real clean patch that punches through the bass and drums in my band. The only bad side is certain distortion patches are programmed very low volume, and when you raise that, they get noisy. The efeects are amazing, I am don't need any pedals ever again, though I keep them for back up should this unit go down.


I will ALWAYS have back up gear, you are insane if you are in a working band without it.

General Comments

I have been playing for 30 years and have used everything out there. I still want a 5150 and mesa but I had surgery on my left hand where 3 bones were removed which really slowed me down. my speed metal days are over so I just enjoy playing what I can now. I was using a boss metal zone 2, boss delay and super chorus with an mxr pahase 90 and fanger and I still like that set up but this is all that and much more. I HATE grunge and alternative and 'new' metal so those patches are horrible and worthless to me.It outdoes the line 6 podxt live but I didn't get to compare it to the boss gt before I sold it to get this, but I know those have more current sounds, not what I am looking for. I ultimately want Holdsworth tone, heavy sustain without distortion, any ideas?

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