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Sound Quality

I use the gsp and 2 marshall8080 amplifiers. Let's not overdo this. The gsp is far superior of any fx-kit on this planet but there are a lot of "one-effect" units that sound better. But remember you can not buy everything..(well maybe ya can, but I can't). I sold my wah-pedal to buy this instrument. This was a huge mistake. The smooth wah on the gsp sounds good enough but it is midi controlled and therefore a bit slow. The distortions have a lack of gain. Well some off them


It still works..but I didn't take it out yet. It needs to be in a rack because it is pretty delicate but then again every tube amplifier is more delicate than a normal amplifier.

General Comments

I play in a cover band playing everything from alanis to skunk anansie, meatloaf to metallica etc,etc I have never had a problem with getting the right effect.

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