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Sound Quality

Yes you can get early clapton, hendrix, srv type tones. depending on your guitar and amp. The fuzz itself is buzzy and not anything like an overdrive or distortion pedal. I use it with a 64 Bassman Head and Fargen mod'd 70's 50 watt Marshall. Its a little noisy and weird when cranked but not as noisy as a tube screamer. if you want a synthetic wierd distortion; direct or clean amp is cool. if you want a ballsy bluesy sound; you need to have your amp distortion as well. the amp will transform the hair from the fuzz into that vintage sound.


Its not very rugged, its been broken twice just from normal travel. not fragile


General Comments

I do Studio Work so it's good when the client asks for a 60's style thing, its also cool for electronica stuff. if it was lost i would buy the NOS Sunface. I would also give the sunface a 1 for ease of use. these things are tricky

Reviewer's Background

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