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Sound Quality

My Startouch ST1-G serves a crucial function at the far end of a pedal board consisting of several items (rmc pic wah, MI Audio Boost n Buff, fulltone deja vibe, fulltone fulldrive 2, demeter tremulator, boss dd-20 giga delay, peterson strobostomp, EH holy grail reverb, pedal power 2). It splits the signal to two amps, a Mesa Boogie Lonestar classic head/cabs, and a fishman loudbox acoustic. This allows me to utilize my pedals whether I'm playing acoustic or electric, thereby saving the cost of an additional dedicated pedalboard for the acoustic guitar. I've owned many pedals over the years, and Tony's Startouch pedals are now the sterling standard by which I judge all other effects boxes. This box is absolutely dead silent, it doesn't alter the tone in any way whatsoever, and instills confidence every time it's hit. I never thought I could get so excited over an A/B box, but then again I'd never owned a Startouch! This is a superlative value at twice the price.


Having only owned the pedal for a month and gigged five times with it, I can't speak to long-term reliability. I can speak to PREDICTED long-term reliability however. I have every confidence that I'll be using this box happily for many years to come. Ever component is first-rate- even the leds are brighter and more effective than other pedals I've owned!

General Comments

Obviously, I love the pedal. You can't buy a better passive A/B box. I'm sure I'll have reason to buy another of his pedals at some point in the future. Tony has even slightly lowered his prices to ease the financial burden of his already bargain-priced pedals during these troubled economic times. Great stuff. Great value!

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