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Sound Quality

I didn’t much care for the pickups that came with it (not much mid-range) but that’s easily cured by swapping pickups.  That’s just my preference. I have since traded the guitar and the guy who has it now absolutely loves the way it sounds.


I had the guitar for about 9 months and feel pretty confident it would last a lifetime. Mark suggested keeping it humidified, at least where I live which can be pretty dry.

General Comments

Overall I absolutely loved the guitar. I wasn’t too thrilled with the pickups, but that would be an easy swap. I just got to a period of time with too many guitars and not enough time to play, and I kept looking at the case and feeling guilty about it sitting in there not being played. It’s the only guitar I’ve ever felt that way about. So I ended up trading it for a Gretsch. The new owner couldn’t be any happier. He sold his other guitars and bought a Mesa Boogie amp and was in heaven.  I felt almost sick trading it but most of that feeling went away after Mark built me a custom guitar sometime later. I still miss it a little bit though.

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