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Sound Quality

The clean channel can get real loud and has a bit of brightness - think - a rev-up Marshall clean channel. The distortion is classic metal which I love. Similiar to a Marshall (both are made in England) but with more punch and tightness. I like the distortion gain all the way up (like Marshall) which gives great tones at moderate volumes. With any amp, the louder you play, to more you have to cut back on the distortion to avoid noise and unwanted feedback. Mainly, the amp has the 'feel' that we guitarists need for playing distortion. I would say the distortion sounds very similiar to a tube amp - presence and warmth.


Every review here has claimed to have no problem with this monster. I got mine used (14 years old) and in great shape. Should last a long time.

General Comments

The main thing about a head is what speaker cab your running it through. I'm running this head through a Randall single 12" cabinet with a Celestron made in England speaker. Sounds great. I use it recording so I can't comment about playing live. It's a great sounding amp with '90's technology which I like - before the amp makers started cutting corners and adding digital effects and stuff.

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