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Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The single coils deliver that usual Strat sound and the bridge humbucker is the usual humbucker sound. (Nothing Special). The Piezo pickup will give you an acoustic sound.( The vol. for the Pizeo is where the 2nd tone control usually is.) I have not been 100% satisfied with the sound of the piezo. I have really only run it though my Mesa Boogie set for my regular tone. I bet it would sound alot nicer going through a board direct or an acoustic amp via a "Y" cable. This guitar covers a wide range of musical styles. I play Praise and Worship music at Church and it suits my needs, since I have to cover a range of different styles.


Like my deluxe Powerhouse Strat, I bang on this thing and it responds. It puts out what you put into it. The feel in youe hands screams durability and reliability.

General Comments

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