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Sound Quality

Decent octave effect, tracked fairly well. Sounded fine with distortion pushing it. I traded for it to get the sound of "Beneath the Vally of the Underdog" by Mudhoney, and I pretty much got it. Mark Arm uses a BOSS OC-2, so there is some 2 ocatve down tones that this box can't do (this is a 1 octave down only box). But, it is decent. Not the best, but good if you don't use octave constantly.


This pedal looked like a dog chewed on it, the had it's owner fall on it full force. The LED barely lit up, the plastic nobs were frayed a bit, but it works (and it still had teh battary cover, ironic). Looks like it would last a long time still.

General Comments

I have since traded away this box, but it was a good pedal for what it can be aquired for. A 6 out of 10 would be a fitting place for this pedal because as it is, the pedal is better than average, but there are better, but they drastically increase in price.

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