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Sound Quality

This is a good wah, and if set up properly, it is a GREAT wah pedal, and IMO, it can sound considerably better than a Dunlop. However, like most other wahs, it has to be set up in the right position, before the distortion, but after the compressor. This pedal is less forgiving than a Dunlop when it comes to positioning. The DOD wah, with a decent overdrive sound, sounds fantastic. Very crisp and clean and better than my experiences with Dunlops. The volume part of this pedal is the big disappointment for me. It seems that with the volume switch enabled and the volume cranked, it is slightly quieter than the normal signal. It also seems to steal away my "edge" or some of the dynamics of my tone. While the volume feature might someday be used in the studio, there is no way I'll use it otherwise. It is a tone killer. Then again, I may be overly anal about my tone. It definately does, however, affect it.


I accidentally spilt some bong water on the floor when I was 19, and a TINY bit of water splashed on the pedal. The thing stopped working! I got it fixed right away, and it was okay. Other than that, this pedal is solidly built but, not a solid performer. I found the switch rather difficult to activate for the first 2 years and I had to jimmy a small piece of plastic to make up for dead space. Now, strangely enough, the pedal works fine without it. It also used to squeak, but it doesn't anymore. Grease fixed that. Despite all these things, it has a very nice metal chasis and seems very solid. It is much better than Dunlops, which always seem to be in rough shape.

General Comments

It's a very good wah, and a so so volume. I can't really compare it to any of other volume pedals in terms of what they do to your tone. I think one gets a better sound by learning to use your guitar volume knob with your pinky, than you do with this pedal. The wah, however, is killer when dialed. It also looks a hell of a lot better than those generic Dunlops. This pedal, however, is finicky, and may have limited capabilities with some setups. For examply, I can't get it to work well with heavier distortions, or with my Big Muff. But with a fuzz face, and a compressor, it is pure silk.

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