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Sound Quality

Let's just say it can do quite a bit for all you intermediate players out there who want to gig, but don't want to buy a freakin Mesa Triple Rectifier along with thousands in rackmount gear. It does give a fuller tone no matter what style you play, but it is DEFINITELY best suited for metal/hardcore. I guess I would call myself an "intermediate" player. I have been using a Crate Electra(yeah it's a crappy strat copy, but it is much better than the squire strat because of it's humbucker) and a little 10 watt amp along with a DoD Grunge. This was just a beginner setup that I got for Christmas, but I just picked up a Crate GFX-65 amp (by far the best amp in it's price range) which was obviously a big step up. BUT, this amp is more of a clean player's amp. I knew I could get good distortion out of it because of how good the clean tone was as well as the digital effects (reverb and chorus are PHAT!) I just didn't want to spend too much. I didn't get it setup perfectly right away, but when I set the bands in a "V" shape and then eased up on 100K, I got PERFECT STATIC-X TONE out of it running it along with my grunge pedal! This seems to be the only sound that I have perfectly simulated so far, which I think is mainly because of my guitar and the grunge pedal's lack of versatility. This baby basically took my original setup from a weak, hollow rythm sound to a Crunchy, thick lead sound, with a DoD Grunge! I could only imagine how good it would sound with the Metal Zone's versatility and extra crunch. I was going to pick one up along with this puppy, but all they had was a Boss HM-3 Hyper Metal, which SUCKS!!! Trust me on this, it is as far from "Metal" as you could ever imagine.


I have only had it for one day, but I'm sure I could drop it from a 10 story building and it would be in good shape like everybody says.

General Comments

I have only been playing for about a year, but I have tried some very high quality products along with my own cheap stuff. I play mostly metal/hardcore and some punk. I do play alot of acoustic style stuff, because that is what I learned to play on, and my acoustic guitar has an electric pickup so I can take advantage of my amp's great clean sounds even more. This pedal does help for all style's of music simply because it gives you more versatility, but for metal it is OUTSTANDING! Like I said before, it can take low-rate gear and make it sound EXCELLENT. Of course if you own a high powered tube stack, you may not be impressed with the difference, but some people with stacks have even used this pedal and are amazed by it. If you are an intermediate player who plays styles of music such as metal/hardcore/industrial/thrash/punk/goth or anything similar that involves heavy distortion: this pedal is essential. My advice to all you beginner's out there who are on a tight budget, but are tired of playing sucky gear and want to start gigging or whatever, get the best amp and guitar you can afford, but be sure to leave room in your budget for an equalizer and a distortion pedal you like. Unless you get a freakin' Mesa stack, you wont be happy with your distortion unless you go this route, honestly.


(I just got it at my local music store to demo, I am going to return it and then get one online for $80)

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