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Paul Hunt-KX3fe

Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This is the best guitar I have ever bought.Comparable to my les paul studio (with 81/85)but with much clearer tone. The clean tone is insanely clear and almost single coilish on the bridge pickup if played aggresively. Very nice indeed. Sounds great under distortion, very versatile for a "metal guitar". Can even get a nice david gilmour tone with tweaking. The fret access is great for technical lead playing. Neck is perfect, find it hard to go back to a regular 6 string after playing this monster.


This guitar has survived plenty of gigs already, worst thing to happen so far is the neck volume knob fell off because i forgot to tighten it (had it off the night before cleaning the body). Built like a tank and will definetly outlive myself. Have used without a backup, however, i hate broken strings so i usually have one anyway.

General Comments

Have been playing for 10 years. Have built several custom guitars using cnc routers and such.If this guitar were stolen i'd have to buy another, then beat the piss out of the dude who stole the first one then reclaim, thus having two hellraisers!. Only thing i hate about this guitar is the fact that the other guitar player in my band has the same guitar, even the same color!.So maybe a black one next?

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