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Sound Quality

The sounds are average. I have found many problems with the way Roland samples their sounds. The problem for me lies in the realism and expectation I have since listening to so many other things. Liking the sounds on the Fantom S varies from person to person. For my needs, better pianos, strings, woodwinds, guitars, drums and basses exist in other places. I owned or have owned the expansion cards. I've sold the drum and paino cards in favor of better sounds and units I've found and am currently using. I still own the strings card but I am considering a Kurzweil to replace the strings card as it is starting to sound dated and showing its age.


Just got it

General Comments

I own so many pieces of gear. This was a decent price and thought it would be a nice addition. I'm realizing I made a mistake. I recently heard the Yamaha Motif ES and the difference in quality is like night and day. I'm afraid if I keep this it will gather dust and hardly be touched. I'll probably sell this and add other gear which I'll actually use.


I'd urge others to listen to the Motif ES and compare both units. The specs and sounds make the ES a much stronger board to own and probably a better investment down the road.

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