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Sound Quality

Generally adds a bit of background noise when you're not playing, but if you use the 11+db booster lots of white-noise starts to show up in the treble position. No difference if you're actually playing. You can really hear the difference between each of the four tone positions. I have had the best results (read: sound) with the wah first in my effects chain (guitar-wah-distortion-etc.), obviously the more effects you have the poorer the signal. The pot is starting to get scratchy and the pivots are getting stiff, but a little switch-cleaner spray and WD-40 and you're back in business! I give it an 8 for deteriorating.


I've had people jump on it during gigs and jam sessions, some @$$hole hid joints in it, and I've taken it apart (boredom) and put it all back together (I think) and it still works! So I'd say I can depend on it. If quits on me mid-gig I'll just kick it will probably and it'll come back to life, or I'd live if it didn't, so I could go to a gig without a backup and be OK. Give it a 10 for durability/endurance.

General Comments

1Definitely buy it again (maybe in chrome next time). I love the no-nonsense way the pedal was designed, no frills very easy to use. Not much to hate about it beside the fact that it eats up batteries like gourmand. Comared it to the VOX Wah, chose the 535 for the options. Maybe change the boost dial, put a notch in it for a thumbnail or screwdriver to get to, makes live easier. My favorite effect, helps music and adds to it. 10 for all around value.

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