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Sound Quality

I am using a piece of crap Hondo strat copy from the early 80's and a cheap fender champion amp. I am really impressed with the sound. The distortions are very full and have a lot flavor. The Reverb Great way better than what I have on my amp. It is not as noisy as I have read, I just needed too turn the master to 25 instead of 100. The Ring Modulator and Pixilator are the most bizzar effects I have ever heard, I will surely use them. The Bass effect is also very strange. The possabiltys of sounds and noises that can be created with this unit are endless. By the way I have been playing guitar for about 17 years. I wish they had these things when I was a kid. I bought it used off of yahoo auctoin for $100.00. Well worth it.


sure, I Mess up at most of my gigs anyway and the Kids love it

General Comments

I play damn near anything that is loud and noisy. I think this thing will help me expand more from what I have been playing. Agian I have playing for 17 years. If it was stolen I would Jump off the Broklin Bridge and end it all. I like being able to make my own setting, I am able to reproduce just about any sound effect with it. Up until now I have only been using standard boss petals, Distortion, flanger, digital delays. This things beats them all except for maybe the digital delay with was stolen and I never replaced it. If you are into playing any type of metal, punk, or industral you must have one, or one of dod other simulare products.

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