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Martin Spamfree

Digital Music Corp MX-8 MIDI Patchbay/Processor

Sound Quality

What goes in (midi) is what comes out - subject to any changes you have programmed. So the sound quality is 100%.


Mine has never had any problems. I changed its memory backup battery after I bought it. I opened it up to change the mains transformer so it would run on European electricity without needing an external 230:110 transformer. It seems to be robust and well constructed inside.


General Comments

I mainly use its companding facility to match the dynamics of various dumb midi keyboards to various piano modules. I use it exclusively for playing piano.


I bought it from a seller in USA for around $100 in April 2003.


I also have a Yamaha MEP4, which does the same sort of things as the MX-8.


I made a small mod - I swapped its 110 volt mains transformer with a similar transformer with a 230 volt primary, to use it direct on Euro electricity. I used a toroidal transformer from Maplin (UK).

Reviewer's Background

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