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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

Outstanding! The boost is transparent, no additional color, trble, etc.


No problem expected. I've own another BBE product and have had no problems. Just wish it wasn't made in China. Just for that reason I'm only giving it an 8

General Comments

What a great pedal! My set up runs like this: Korg tuner, Zen Drive, Keeley Compressor, Boosta Grande, Hoochie Mama, (what a sweet OD), AD9 Delay, Marshall Vibe ... into either my '69 Dual Showman or 30 watt Fargen Blackbird.

Using the Boosta Grande as a clean boost,(leaving it on), I can then balance the overall output volume, then by kicking it off when lighting up the Hoochie Mama, I get the OD sound when needed yet my overall level is balanced.

Running the Boosta at max, the volume is level with my OD fully kicked in, then I just work the volume on my Strat.

Also one other nice note: The bright blue light is a plus when engaged. Just a great flexible pedal no matter how you use it. For me it's staying on the board!

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