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17 Tubes

Warehouse Guitar Speakers Veteran 30

Sound Quality

This speaker was used to replace a Gallien-Krueger Paragon 100 watt speaker in the Backline 100 1x12 100 watt combo. This is important, as the amp is solid state, so you can reasonably expect even better performance in your tube amp. If it can improve SS, then... Fist thing I noticed is the overall tone tightened up. I had thought the amp "mushy"...indistinct. The amp brightened up without getting harsh. Notes became more intelligible. The tone is very even across the spectrum....doesn't seem to pick any frequency to over-stress. I admit I wasn't prepared to crank the VERY loud 100 watt amp, but I did turn it up to practice/some gigs volume and it stayed tight and pleasant.


Not used long enough for rating.

General Comments

I can't imagine being negative about the speaker. I have quite a few lying around (I think I counted about 24 w/PA gear), so I have a lot to compare it to. The guy below with all the technical problems?...well...he COULD have a dud...or he could just be a know-it-all never pleased kind of guy too, the speaker seems very well made at a great price. I once bought a close-out Carvin for just a bit less and I ditched them IMMEDIATELY. I believe this speaker would serve you well in nearly any application in a low/mid watt combo, as well as bigger 2 and 4x12. The small dust cap is my only concern...only because I haven't seen this type. I know we over-value the cap...it can be smashed even punctured without a noticeable effect on your sound...so...might be nothing. Check an expert for that.

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