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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

This is a poor man's tubescreamer, very close to the same thing. I own a number of tubescreamers and this one sounds a lot like the early '80's model with the TI chip. There is only one drawback that I have not seen listed here; there is a volume drop. I mean to say that, when you plug straight in to the amp and set the clean tone, then run through the Monkey, you will probably hear a need to touch-up your volume a tad, and this is referring to the "bypassed" sound. There is no noticeable drop when the drive is engaged. It's not like it's sucking tone, the sound is good, just ever-so-slightly lower. It may be only the one that I tested, but... I do wish that these "pedal-mod" guys would look into it. Some of their stuff is engineered with as much Love and has no one to Corp-ifornicate the product.


Popeye shot it with Kryptonite slugs, no effect. Pretty dang tough.

General Comments

I am a professional musician taking a few moments to help up-and-comers get some decent advice by which to spend their hard-earned bucks. I have lots of equipment, Marshall amps and nearly every brand of guitar, lots of effects, the whole deal. As for "style", I don't take country music contracts and classical gigs take too much Labor intensive "prep" to be practical, so I play a very wide variety for those who seek my services.

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