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Kentucky KM-630 Standard Mandolin

Sound Quality

I play Gospel ,blues, bluegrass ,traditional.It has a good F style bright sound.I have went around to the music stores in my area and this mando sounds better than the mandos {morgan monroe,epiphone,fender} they were asking 5-800$'s for.The Michael Kelly Dragonfly was the only one I thought sounded better.


This thing is made to be played.Very solid. It's 10 years old and looks almost new.I've played it at least an hour a day for the last year.I believe it will age nicely and hold up well.

General Comments

Ive only been playing the mandolin for 2 years but I've played guitar for 25.I've compared this to many mando's and none can compare for the price.It's a great mando to learn on.Ill probably end up getting an all solid wood mando eventually but I am well satisfied with this one .I will keep it to take around different places to play.The new Chineese made Kentucky mandolins are not made as good as the korean ones.Even the all solid wood models I've seen were not made to the same quality standards as this one,but they have also slashed the prices.My advice is to look for a used Korean model instead of a new Chineese one.Even though I give it a 9 it is a fantastic value.I would sure like to see more mandolin reviews on here!

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