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Sound Quality

I experienced no added noise. I use a ART SP4X4 power conditioner (a power conditioner is highly recommended by the way) in my rack, so I assume that helps reduce overall noise. I'm giving the unit a 10 rating simply because there was nothing noticeably different in noise, and for that alone I give it a good rating.


I've only owned the unit for two weeks now, thereofor I cannot give an opinion about Reliability yet, but so far it is working great. It's housed in a very nice grey/black metallic box, nice buttons, easy to see lights (all very much better than pictures represent) and now that it is put into a rack I'm sure they'll be no issues.

General Comments

If you're going to spend $70 on a little Boss tuner (or similar), you might as well go for broke and get a great Pro tuner. Just the fact that I do not have to walk over to my gear to tune is a great blessing. In fact, I can see every note being played, while I'm playing a song, and know if I'm a little out of tune or not. The LEDs are VERY easy to see from anywhere on stage. You can spend more money to get some extra bells and whistles, but in the end, you'll simply want your instrument in tune, so my suggestion would be not to waste extra money on the "extra stuff". Harmony-Central web reviews were instrumental (pun intended) for me to make the decision to purchase the Sabine RT7000 Rack Tuner and I am very satisfied.

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