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Sound Quality

A major drawback of pedalboards with many sounds included, is, that it´s all digital, so it just sounds artificial no-matter what you do. I don´t know how Korg did this. But it sounds just like -or even better, than "the real thing" - single-pedal stuff, like those from Boss. At least this is the case of far the most of the sounds!


I must admit, I haven´t had it for too long...check it out - it´s in metal!!!! No plastic shit like Zoom´s products (sorry Zoom, but you just can´t build a board for stomping out of tiny plastic!). The preset pedals only need a soft touch from the tips of your fingers, so there´s no big mechanism wich will grow old way too fast.....I think, this one -indeed- is built to last!

General Comments

I mostly play the David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) kind of rock, so I need a great variety of sounds, in order to sound just like that. It works great. Wanna play some slightly distorted blues....I just turn the amp-knob to Top-distortion, and it sounds great too.

It simply can do a lot. Of course it´s no 5000-sounds-effects-board.

It´s only got real guitar sounds. No weird synth-sounds, and that´s maybe what makes it so relatively cheap. And, personally, I dont need to sound like a symphony ochestra, when I play the guitar. I wanna sound like a guitarist.

I´ve compared it with the famous GT-3 - Korg just blows that off the road. The GT-3 sounds extremely digital compared to Korg.

BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT ! - AND BUY IT AGAIN WHEN SOMEONE steels it!! (Who wouldn´t??)

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