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Sound Quality

Full,Rich, Warm and " Fat " Tone. A Bit Muddy, but that can be Mainly EQ'D out with the Bass Amp and a Good Set of Strings. Using it with a Fender BXR25 Practice Amp at Home, and I have tried it through a Peavey Mark IV Bass Head & Peavey Musician 400 Keyboard Head. I will be Playing it through a Late 60's Ampeg V-6B Tube Rig...ought to Kick Ass through that Amp ! I also have a Hartke 10 120 Watt Combo that it Sounds very good through. As I Dial up the Tone and Volume on the Bass, I get Different Sounds and Volumes...rather interesting ! The Muddiness could ultimately be addressed by a Dimarzio Model One Humbucker with Two-Phase Series-Parrallel Switching Capability but that is Extra Money at this Point.


I have used it a Bit at Open Stage Jamming. Solid as a Rock. Hardware has Lasted 40 Years. Replaced Strap Buttons with Strap-Locks ASAP.

General Comments

Playing since 1969.


Love the Look, Feel, Playability and Sound of the Gibson EB-O. I use it for Heavier Classic Blues & Rock, while I use My Fender Bronco Bass for the other Stuff.


Once Again, there is some Muddiness with the Stock Pickup, and these Basses are known for that. In Addition, there is some Neck Heaviness but it is Tolerable & the Overall Bass Weight is a Very Desirable 6.5 Lbs.


I used to Own a 1970 Gibson EB-3 and it was a Much more Fragile Bass than this EB-O.


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