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Mr Express

Randall RG75G3 G3 Series Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

amazing, tons and tons of distortion but as everyone knows to get the best out of any sort of tube amp you need to turn up the volume. You cannot fault the clean sound, absolute perfect. With punchy lows, smooth mids and squealing highs you cannot go wrong !


BUILT LIKE A TANK (weighs about the same aswell :) the knobs and switches are all smooth and well made.

General Comments

A fantastic amp for the money, built well, tube preamp, 75 watts of power which is more than enough to do a small gig with (if you need more power you can link it up to a cab)


I use this amp with an ibanez S470, ibanez Jem and a Marlin state of the art series guitar. And an A.R.T GSX2000 tube effects processor. this amp covers all of my styles, which are, neo-classical rock, sweep picking and overall shredding!!




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