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Sound Quality

For a pedalboard this thing is great. It doesn't have that "canned" sound that many boards do. The wah's good, delays are good, the uni-vibe is almost worth the price of the board alone. It has a Muttron effect that is very good if you're into that funky kind of stuff. Octaver has an excellent analog sound to it. It definitely affects the dry sound. There is no true bypass. It's not noisy. Mostly it dampens the dynamic range a bit. I originally wanted to use it in the pre/power amp loop of my amp, but it really took a lot of quality off the signal. Now I run it before the input of my amp and it is almost transparent (almost). Of course I'm very picky about my clean sound.


Thank god it's not plastic. Seems very solid. I wouldn't need a backup since I don't use that many effects in performance, plus as long as you have some kind of case to transport it in I don't see any problems. I hate having wall warts on the stage, so I rigged up a 2 channel cord. I cut the ends off one channel and spliced in the power supply and connector. To my suprise it works perfectly. So my wall wart sits permanently inside my amp cabinet. The other channel goes into my guitar amp input, so I only have one cord to pull out.

General Comments

I play American Roots music (folk, blues, country, rock) and this is the only pedal board I've found that can be used for that style. The effects I use are uni-vibe, tremolo, tuner and wah. That's it pretty much. But those effects sound great and were worth the price of the board. A uni-vibe with controller pedal would cost just as much, plus it's more to hook up on stage and doesn't have a built-in tuner.


There are a few things I'd change

1) a tremolo that can be adjusted with the pedal

2) a Leslie simulator (the uni-vibe effect is a simulation of a rotary speaker simulator and it doesn't sound much like a leslie, especially at higher speeds)

3) a real bypass.


I'm very pleased with my purchase. I'd buy one again.

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