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Sound Quality

I'm using a les paul and an old carlsbro stingray 2x12 amp, and i,m loving this pedal. On the extreme overdrive setting it can get a bit muddy but sometimes that can come in useful and the tone knob can really bring the bass out so i,m finding myself with the tone full on. i suggest you should do what you would do when you buy any piece of gear, lock your self away for a week and have fun (of the good clean type). As for it being tubey, well, it is, but let's face it the best way to get your guitar to sound like it's playing through a tube amp is buy one.


Top drawer nuclear proof, My amp dosent have a dirty channel and this is what I gig with.

General Comments

I play in a blues rock cover band and also in an original band and although i will never give up the search for the holy grail of guitar sounds this pedal suits my needs very well indeed.In fact i would go so far as to say I love it. If it was stolen I would definatly get another, It sounds better than any rackmount I,ve compared it to and any pedal I've ever used.

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