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Sound Quality

This is a very high output pick-up. The harmonics that it can create is awesome. I have two effects loops that run into my amp. Both loops start with my Ibanez Weeping Demon pedal into my Fender tuner, then to my Boss A-B switch. Loop A then goes into mt Boss Noise Suppressor, then to my Marshall EVH Compressor, and then into my Boss Overdrive 3 pedal. Loop B goes into my Boss Amp Modeler. Then they end up going into my Peavey Valve King 212 Combo Amp and then into my Marshall AVT. 412 cab. The sound that it creates is awesome. This pick-up is bright and it growls even at low volumes. I play mostly older Hard Rock and Blues and it really sounds good. My next guitar is an Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul and it has 2 Super Distortion pick-up and 1 Deuo Sound pick-up. That's how much I like this pick-up.



General Comments

I have been playing for over 20 yrs. and I should have bought this pick-up yrs. ago cause I wouldn't have invested so much effort into trying to copy this sound. It even sounds good on my clean channel. Ace Frehley had it right with putting this pick-up into his guitars cause nothing else comes close to the sound that this pick-up puts out.

Reviewer's Background

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