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Sound Quality

Bluebreakers & jazz men beware. This thing is in my opinion destined to join the ranks of the 'super noise' mythical pedals that everyone wants cause they sound so repulsive and esoteric, but no one can get. If anyone had this, a Fender Blender, a Univox superfuzz, an Ampeg scrambler, a Bee Baa,a PE Experience, a funny cat, a micro synth, a Zvex fuzz factory, a frequency analyser & an attack decay (delay?) on the same pedalboard im sure they could take out the world - get my drift - serious noise - serious unpredictability - serious fun Pro tone squier strat w/Dimarzio airzone bridge HB - Marshall 100 watt VS combo This pedal without the octave mixed in very much will scream like no other single pedal ive known - not even the fx69 To say the effect of this pedal is weak is quite possibly the worstunderstatement one could make in a lifetime. When i jumped on this in the music store i thought someone had stuck honey on the circuit boards of the amp! I havent heard any major label guys who have used this pedal at all - I know that the guy from Skunk Anansie has one (but he has one of everything) MY FRIENDS RECORDED USING THIS BOX AND NEARLY DROVE THE ENGINEER INSANE. blending this sucker with phasing of other socially acceptable effcts is always good, But for real jockstrap creaming sounds, try running it with a grunge pedal! Combinations in the way they are connected and the relative volumes of the two are a key concern here - sometimes you can get it so the face knob on the grunge does whammy pedal upstaging siren feedback stuff! woah baby. This pedal also reacts heavily to what pickups in what positions you drive it in - several crazy sweet spots. I dont really do this new rock thing, I got out of rock just at the right time about a 18 months ago - just before everything turned to shit. Billy Corgan, J.Mascis, Page Hamilton are demi gods


It aint crapped out on me yet, but as everyone knows, DOD needs to employ some new industrial designers

General Comments

This thing is now discontinued. That is good because if everyone went whoopee & bought them then the world would be a demented place

Pkay, this is a rip off of MXRs blue box but ive never heard a blue box do this stuff - this pedal rips, farts, screeches, swirls, spatters, chugs, cuts out like a stopping motorbike, buzzes, does syth tones, dual ocaves, mess, sizzle, whine - YOU NAME IT Other people I have read can only compare this to the much heralded fuzz factory - i couldnt possibly comment but its good to see DOD putting something out that was genuinely twisted (even if it didnt live very long)

I havent found any application for this yet & ive had it for 2 years. The possibilities this could lend to song arrangements or sampling for dance cuts or even making new music based around this unit are mind boggling.

Someone like Fripp, Belew or Gabrels should aready have one of these - not digital so it cuts out at the wierdest times, the octave tracks like a race driver having a seizure

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