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Sound Quality

Am running guitars, drum machines, cds, vocals and all sorts of things through it. I also use the synth. Overall, comparing the sound quality to professional units is unfair. That is not what this unit is about. Sure, one wants high quality effects, but u pays for what u get. This is a step modulated effects unit, not an effects unit. If you want a dedicated effects unit, get something else. If you want a fun, inspiring, hands on, dynamically changing live effects box, this is for u. Is a little bit noisey. There is noticable stepping on some effects. But use these to your advantage and creativity! FILTER: Rocks, tweaks, hurts your ears. FLANGER: I do not use. DELAY: Great when used through the hi/mid/low cut filter. PITCH SHIFT: Trippy COMPRESSOR: Alright. Can get some cool pumping effects out of it. Too noisey for studio use though. LOFI: Unweilding, crazy and a bit to hairy. VOCODER: Great on drums and rhythms. PHASER: Nice and swirly. Could go a little deeper. SYNTH: FAT. Very fat. Don't try and get TB303 sounds out of it, couse it has it's own unique sound. FOr a huge sound, turn Distortion all the way up. And then the next two knobs at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock. SYNTH+DELAY: Not as fat, but still much fun. DRUMS: Bit boomy, don't use a lot, but not too bad.


Super reliable. Only stuffs up if u pull out the MIDI cable. Fairly rock solid design. One of my note tempo buttons is now a bit dodgey, but overall pretty good.


General Comments

Ever since using the Pattern Controlled Filter in Rebirth, this is the machine I was looking for. I love it. My sound quality and ease of use scores do not convey this but, it is a lot of fun. Most people do not 'get it'. The box was aimed at the DJ market (as if they could get their head around it) and failed dismally. Cool I say. Great for live electronic music. Great fat bass synth, even if it is a one trick pony. FIlter is my favorite effect, cause you can program your onw pattern filters. Great for guitars. Great for synced delays and anything else synced up to a sequencer.


An alternative effects unit of a similar nature would be the AdrenaLin. Cannot wait to buy one as I think the effect quality may be a lot better than the EF303. But it does not have all the knobs and sliders of the EF303.

They seem to be selling quite cheap 2nd hand, so I cannot wait to buy another one and have them synced together with alternate instruments running through them.

Reviewer's Background

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