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Sound Quality

I reviewed this once before and I bagged it. I sold it to a mate but have recently borrowed it again because I needed the mod delay (my Ibanez DML-10 mod delay has gone to a better place) , which the ME-30 doesn’t have. I was much too hard on it before. Maybe I had a crap amp and just wasn’t accustomed to the subtleties of FX. Anyway, the dist is actually pretty good- just keep the gain down, except for compressed distortions. Other FX are all great with the exception of flange- for the life of me I can’t get rid of the chorus-y overtones- drives me nuts. And that’s on 'classic flanger' and on 'chorus/flanger'. I only got a decent flange tone when I set it up through the mod delay.


This time, no complaints re reliability, but the time that I wrote about previously (where it started buzzing furiously right before a gig and then came good 5 minutes before we went on) makes me a bit twitchy.

General Comments

Much better than I originally stated. Sorry Korg. Its all quite adequate (dont forget, its a lot cheaper than a GT-6, so dont expect that kind of goodness) and infinitely more user-friendly than the ME-30. Although, I do think the ME-30 does sound marginally better and the new ME-50 may be even more user friendly than the Korg. Its good that we have a couple of quality choices now.

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