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  1. oh lucious do tell, do tell please....i mean, its okay for everyone to try and jump up my ass, I would like my shot to do the same thing, since people are OBVIOUSLY calling the kettle black perhaps?
  2. oh hai, Chris there are some words here about you: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2256052-So-is-3-weeks-long-enough-to-sound-the-scam-alarm Hey Fred...Just curious. DID YOU or DID YOU NOT get a completely dead mint as advertised VHT UL? Did it not sound PERFECT, completely retubed, and EXACTLY as I described it? Then shut the {censored} up. heres a news flash. I've been around here, ALOT longer than you, and have done many many MANY deals. That was my first overseas deal...You weren't scammed AT ALL, you got a HELL of a deal, and I went out of my way to make sure you GOT a great deal, ESPECIALLY on an amp that is not readily available in Russia or wherever the {censored} your from...it was 3 years ago, get over yourself. It took longer than you would've liked, yes we know.. Why dont you get a LIFE and stop following me around? Or is that the way you clowns over there are? THANKS! *oh, and I'm sure dimebag would have no problem telling you how it is as well, considering I play in a band with him. Also, your videos are quite uninspiring..maybe you should worry more about learning how to play, than bare knuckle pickups, and 5150s, and whatever the hell else you try to sell. Also, learn to spell
  3. pics added...brian let me think about it, im kinda neutral on the titan, hasn't real caught my eye, seems like an amp thats my style though.
  4. Testing the waters here. I just can't fight my axe fx GAS. My herbert is a late 2009 Model, JUST retubed ( last WEEK!) With 4 Winged C 6550's, and 2 E34L's (Over a 200 dollar value!). Will post pics when I get home. Mostly interested in an axe II, and possibly maybe some cash on your end. Anyone that has an axe II with a power amp, I would DEFINITELY be interested in this combo, depending on the power amp. If you an ultra with a VHT/Fryette 2/90/2, that is at the top of my list as well. Just testing the waters here, Thanks! Also interested in framus cobras, or Engl SE...cash: 2850 plus shipping. Pics will be up in about an hour. Chris EDIT: Pics added
  5. this is one of my favorite amps of all time. It sounded HUGE in a band situation, and completely walked all over and spat out the Engl Blackmore I was using it with. It just was extremely organic, and girthy, I LOVED it with a boost too, wish I still had one. When you feel like droppin the price let me know
  6. What kind of guitar am I searching for? I LOVE my les pauls sound, the huge thick bottom end, I mean, what else can be said, it's a Les paul...My jackson custom shop RR-1 plays like a dream, I mean, nothing can touch it, it's incredibly fast and SO easy to play, but it doesn't sound like my Les Paul of Course. So, what kind of guitar am I searching for? PRS's all play like a dream to me, everyone I pick up is just so fast and completely awesome to play. What do you guys think? I tried doing a search, but couldn't find anything surprisingly (must be THAT crazy of an idea to find something like I'm asking for!) thanks!
  7. I'm sure this is a long shot as this amp is gone, but I have a dead mint 5150 3 with footswitch id be willing to trade plus cash....
  8. damn it if my tax return would hurry it's butt up I would totally be interested in this fine piece. I live in central Florida as well. well lemme know :-D
  9. uhm ok bro you say not to ask about pics but no one in there right mind is gonna throw an offer on the table until some pics are up?? Just a suggestion. im sorry how long have you been here? im pretty well known on these boards, and known in person by more than a few people...regardless if i throw up pics or not ill have people vouch for me.....i do not have a digital camera and am trying to borrow one at this time...but thanks for the eye opening suggestion anyways......
  10. bump......1800 for the head 2400 for the half stack come on guys
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