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  1. Selling my first real guitar ever. I am the original owner and bought this back in 86/87. This is the 1st year run of the Stratocaster Plus model. I believe this is also the 1st year that Fender resumed production in their California, USA factory. The guitar is in good condition for it's age and has basically sat in it's case for the last 10 years or so. It is finished in a rare Fiesta Red. The decal on the front is removable. I thought it looked cool. :LOL: You'll notice there are a couple of small changes. In the foolishness of my youth, I replaced the original pickguard with a pearl white (genuine Fender replacement) pickguard and the bridge Lace Sensor with a Duncan JB humbucker. I do, however, have the original pickguard which I will include with the sale. I can not, unfortunately, find the original bridge lace sensor, but you can find them all day long on Ebay for not a lot of money if you wish to restore this guitar back to 100% original. The original hardshell case also included. I chose this guitar over about a half dozen other Strat Pluses in the store because to me it clearly had the nicest feeling neck and playability. This is a great sounding and playing guitar and I will miss it. I am asking $750 shipped and paypaled, obo. I would also consider partial trades but would need to clear at least $500 in cash.
  2. Gibson Les Paul Standard "Raw Power" limited edition. Not to be confused with the current LP Studio Raw Powers out there now. This is the 1999/2000 release, I believe, with the passive pickups. Guitar has been played but is in very good condition with low action. Some moderate fret wear and a few nicks but overall a great guitar. My favorite guitar and the best neck of ANY guitar I've ever played. It's a 60's slimmer taper but the backshape is a more rounded "C" rather than flat like all the other 60's taper LP's I've played. I think this backshape is unique to these particular run of guitars. Of course the big selling point of these guitars is the thin satin finish over the entire guitar rather than regular nitro. This leads to a fantastically smooth feeling neck and a body that breathes and resonates easier. You can really hear the difference as it sounds great unplugged as well. I upgraded the electronics with an RS Guitarworks kit and the pickups with a WCR Godwood in the neck (with brushed nickel cover) and Duncan Alnico Pro II in the bridge. Great sounding and playing guitar but I have to let her go for financial reasons. Will come with the Gibson hard shell case pictured. I need money fast so I'm pricing it to sell. $1,199 shipped and paypaled. I would entertain a partial trade for a POD X3 Live or something similar, but would need to come out of it with a good bit of cash.
  3. Bump. I would also consider trades.
  4. Jackson Soloist SL3. Took this in trade recently because the buyer couldn't come up with the entire amount of cash required for the amp I sold him. I didn't really need it so I'm moving it along but it is a fantastic guitar. Not a mark on it really. It's like new. Comes with a Gator hardcase, also in excellent condition. Asking $799 shipped and paypaled.
  5. Marshall DSL-100 custom ordered from the Marshall factory with the Silver Jubilee tolex and mirrored panels on the chassis. I don't believe the 25th Anniversary "Silver Series" with the checkered front cloth panels were even out yet. This amp has also been modded with a Mercury Magnetics output transformer specifically designed for the DSL. The DSL's are already great sounding amps but the MM tranny upgrade is a huge improvement, particularly when you start turning the amp up. Take a look at the pic. The MM tranny is almost twice as big as the stock one. :LOL: The amp also comes with a high quality MacGregor flight case. This is a perfect workhorse/gigging amp and looks super cool as well. Mercury Magnetics also has a specially designed power transformer and choke for the DSL if you're so inclined. But honestly, I can't imagine the amp sounding much better. Asking $1,199 shipped and paypaled (maybe a trade?). That is a great deal considering the MM tranny ($310 new), the MacGregor flight case and the custom ordered cosmetics.
  6. Six months old and in perfect condition. Sounds fantastic. I would strongly prefer a straight sale as i need cash and no one seems interested in the 4x12 cab I have listed so... $2,749 shipped and paypaled (gift option) or, whatcha got? Amps, guitars, whatever.
  7. Wizard 4x12 cab loaded with Scumback M75 and H75 speakers in an "X" pattern. 65 watt versions. Nothing sounds better with a Wizard, ...or just about any other amp for that matter. I bought this cab new maybe 4 or 5 months ago. Except for a nick in the bottom rear corner, the cab is in excellent condition. The salt -n- pepper grill is perfect. As is the logo. I'm sitting for the Bar exam in July so I'm selling a few things to raise cash for study materials. $1,299 shipped and paypaled (gift option). The speakers alone are worth $500. I will try and post some better pics by tonight if it hasn't sold by then.
  8. This is kind of a feeler thing at the moment. Right now I'm mostly interested in seeing what I can get in trade for this bad boy but, I'll take $2,999 shipped and Paypaled (gift option) if somebody wants to purchase outright. I've got plenty of references on this and other forums and perfect Ebay feedback with over 100 transactions. Wizard Metal 100 in excellent condition. Sounds like a Wizard should. It's got the largest power transformer I have ever seen on an amp. Must be for the "pull deep" function which gives this beast a ridiculous amount of low end thump (it's got plenty even without it). I will listen to trades for just about anything: Amps, guitars, or a combination of the two. Whatever. Items of particular interest to me these days are: Any Cameron stuff. CCV or modded Marshalls. Marsha or any Dave Friedman modded stuff. Axe-Fx unit or complete rig. Phaustine Fantom. Super Strats: Charvel, GMW, Suhr, Anderson, ESP, whatever.
  9. This really pains me to do but something unexpected has come up and I need the cash. This is an extremely rare Top Hat Emplexador MKII 100 watt version that I had Brian from Top Hat build for me. Killer, killer, killer amp. The definitive Marshall tone machine taking you through the gamut of Marshall tones. The "Classic" mode is like the sweetest 68' Plexi you ever heard. Flip on the "Fat" switch and you're in JTM45/100 territory and nailing AC/DC Back n Black tones. The "Overdrive" side is like the perfect combination of hot-rodded Plexi and JCM800 but with tons more gain on tap. Easily does 80's metal and with a flick of the "fat" switch you have plenty of bottom end to pull off Metallica "Garage Days" type riffs. Engage the "boost" switch and the amp becomes more saturated with accentuated mid and high frequencies. The one thing the amp won't do is the more modern, scooped Dual Rectifier stuff. I also went with a different tolex and color scheme as I'm not really into the two-tone thing that they have going on with their stock heads. This amp is like new and spotless. Really, this amp is flawless. All of Brian's amps are built with the absolute highest quality components and true PTP wiring. It also has THE best master volume of any amp I have ever tried, by a long shot. Not even close. Seriously, it's scary how well it works. Not much more to say really. Awesome amp. $1,999 shipped and paypaled. If you've been wanting to check out an Emplexador, this is the amp to grab.
  10. Near perfect condition Mojave Peacemaker. Awesome rock amp. Open, organic, raw Plexi tone. Power section comes loaded with NOS Tesla (not JJ) EL34's. These amps are a work of art inside. Impeccable PTP wiring and the highest quality components everywhere. Looking to get $1,399 shipped and paypaled or will consider trades for other amps or Axe-Fx.
  11. Bump for price drop: $1,399 shipped and paypaled!
  12. BUMP. Lot's of interest but no one's pulled the trigger yet...
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