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  1. Did you use a boost in that link? If you did than it probably sounds like what you will sound like in 2 years without a boost. What's your fravorite brand of whisky?
  2. If I use two boot pedals in line could I add ten years to my playing ability? I use a boost all the time and I can honestly say that when I turn it off it makes me soiund like I used to five years ago. I love my boost! Hit the alchi mate.
  3. Would it be better if we were in our bedroom, a setting similar to what's depicted in the links in your sig? Hell, I play guitar and saxophone sessions regularly. I may play like the link in my sig (WHICH WAS ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO GENIUS) but I can always play differently...
  4. Nice try!! Me pointing out what has happened to some is in a different context of what you are trying to imply!! I Never said that you needed a boost my friend........ but you did in fact say this.. You don't need a tip-top technique to play with a boost. You often do without if you want the same results. A boost is a simple cure of adding 5 years of woodshedding for most people. ROTFLMAO Erm, yes you did. You said that anyone who didn't use a boost has tendonitis. How long did you spend doing a medical degree? My physio would {censored}ing {censored} himself laughing at you
  5. Very cool!! I just got off teh phone with Guthrie (he says hello BTW) I told him that I was going to kick his ass for not using a boost pedal. I'm worried that he will develop tendonitis. Meh, you can laugh all you want but I talk to Guthrie regularly and lets face it, he's about 500 times a better player then you without needing to rely on external devices to fall back on... And again, I find it hilarious how you bumboys still flame me for having the same opinion as most people in that boosting thread. You may be middle-aged, hairy-nosed basement dwellers but you act like toddlers (shame you can't take a boost pedal to your personallity).
  6. See the differance between you and I chud is that I can use your own words against you bigtime but you have to try and twist my words to make any valid point. Sucks to be you. By the way.... Hows your Beats per minute practice sessions going? :D:D BTW... where did I ever say that I owned you? Really Chud, Your starting to look silly here. Oh and BTW... I'm proud to be a middle aged Wanker!! :wave: Like I said... Your comment about NEEDING a boost to maintain healthy fingers is laughable. Go back to the basement mate...
  7. Dude, face it...you are a tool and you have been called on it for sure. No one ever said that you would get tendonitis schmuck. It was only mentioned that you could get it because you are the type who would probably choose to play on a more difficult setup then need be. The funniest thing ever written on the forums was by you when you mentioned you 5 year theory!! Thanks for that!! Keep on reaching with your sweeping generalisations. Man you really packed in a lot of knowledge in those 2 years!! Man you are a legend I tell you!! Mate, no-one owned me at all. I have the same view as half the people taking the piss out of me. You're all middle-aged wankers who live in their basement... Seriously, I'm not all that bothered. Just the fact you think anyone that doesn't use a boost will get tendonitis is about the funniest thing I've heard
  8. I won't have time to defend my position today as I have to leave for work now. I will be back later though. Now with that said, Chud, that is the most stupid thing I have heard you say yet. That is simply wrong and without merit. When you suck, you suck. Adding gain can NOT hide the fact that you suck. As I said: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LYcGkG5hKw It doesn't have an audable 5+ years difference in playing. It just makes it easier to play (as if you've played 5 years more like I was trying to say) I spoke to Guthrie today and funnily enough, someone else butted in and said "Guthrie! I have pain in my fingers! Do you ever have tendonitis or anything?" to which he replied "No, only on flights when fingers get bloated. If you have proper clean technique then you won't have pain". The guy is in his late 30s and you guys are telling me that if I don't use a boost I'll get tendonitis? I find that hilarious. Guthrie doesn't use a boost and he's fine and dandy. Anyone that bangs on saying that boosting an already high-gain amp for no reason other then a safety-net need to turn the boost off, play the gig live and see how bad they sound... To say that you're going to get tendonitis because you don't use a boost pedal is just about the funniest thing I've heard on these forums.
  9. and what I am saying is that surely any improvement in gear - be it a better guitar/amp/pups etc that gives the user a better tone could fall under that bracket? surely better tone = improved playing no matter what in the signal path is changed? Maybe you could clarify for me what alterations to my signal path would be justified and which would be cheating myself?? Again, like I already said. If you take a high-gain sound and then boost it even more for no apparent reason then you're cheating yourself out of just having a tighter playing style. With some amps like Rectifiers it does tighten it up, but to take a boost to an already highly saturated 5150 is stupid (IMO)
  10. in your first post here which basically edited down is: 1) using a boost for tone improvement is fine 2) using a boost for playing improvement is not :confused: Like I said earlier, if you're using a boost to improve your playing you're only cheating yourself. In my opinion that is a bad thing. Whether you think it's not.
  11. not really no, this is the way you come across At what point did I say any of the bull{censored} you just said?
  12. wow, there is so much hole digging in here and a few of my fellow UK'ers look like they are just digging themselves in it deeper. FWIW I have a problem with the comments that people only use boosts to disguise sloppy playing. Imo this kind of comment could cover any upgrade in equipment. - why buy another amp? It sounds better? = you are only doing that to hide your sloppy playing??? - why buy another guitar? It is easier to play/sounds better =hiding sloppy playing??? etc etc surely an improvement in tone goes hand in hand with an improvement in technique and vice versa?? The whole blanket statement that boosts are "allowed" to improve tone onlyare simply ridiculous So many players on here use them for all different kinds of reasons - it is kind of insulting when someone comes on here and rubbished everyones opinion and preferences with statements that are ill thought out. BTW it is defo not UK vs USA otherwise I best pack my bags and move over the pond. Again taking it out of proportion still.
  13. As open as I am to music (and like some of Shawn Lane's stuff along this lines) I could just never listen to that... song... I know it's all meant to be intellectual and an artform (freedom of sound or whatever), but really... If we recorded that, and then recorded a bunch of toddlers playing the same instruments I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.
  14. I have no doubts that this would sound good in a two guitar mix band or that you can play "metal" on it. Because you can play metal on a Fender twin as well. However, what others are saying is that this is not the ultimate best choice of metal doom bringing. And well this is pretty much a very large amount of forumites on this board want. I listened to the song "carve your name" from the band that you linked. That tone is a good heavy rock/ almost stoner vibe. Also this band is not heavy metal at all either. The palm mutes and chords are not even close to a good example of uber heavy metal guitar recording. I also listened to the song "I'll buy you a mega...." this was not metal either. The recorded tone is a good heavy rock tone. This is not what anyone doubted. Everyone knew that the Orange tt/rocker series were good for this. I'm sure it is good and capable of metal as well but, simply not the best choice. It's cool if you like the tt the most though. Yeah "Carve Your Name" wasn't the RV I think but meh. I agree with you on how they couldn't do the pinsharp heavy metal stuff but then I've always been gearing more towards definition and a growl sound then a sharp fizzy distorted scream
  15. Stone Sour is not metal in any way. The Slipknot guitarists own nearly every single production aggressive guitar head (powerball, uber, ultralead, k-tre etc.) Just because they own a rockerverb that does not mean that the guitarists are using it solely live or in the studio for high gain rhythm. It would be cool seeing clips of sikth live or studio using orange. I generally like your clips and vids btw. Well, Jim Root is using the Rockerverb live at the moment. A friend of mine said that when she saw them play it sounded REALLY good http://myspace.com/thoughtscollide There's the band that the guys from Sikth recorded.
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