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  1. I have a EHX Holy Grail nano which has a really nice reverb sound. However, it only has one control and even at the lowest setting it has far too much reverb. Are there any other reverbs out there that allow you to dial in a really slight, subtle reverb?
  2. I, like many here, have a handful of guitars that I play and use: a Tele, LP, SG, and a LP Double Cut. They all have very different necks- the LP is a fat 50s short scale, the LP DC is 24 fret short scale (so the frets are close together), SG has a thin and tall neck, and the Tele is a long scale 21 fret. Switching between them, I notice it takes a little while to get acclimated but I can play each one about as well as another. As far as regular practice goes, do you think switching up guitars hurts your muscle memory and slows progress?
  3. it has nothing to do with an FF. more like a muff that can be used for more "modern-type" applications. mids, can go more into distortion etc. sounds great. the price is right too. might be my favorite sounding fuzz from Zvex. This. Use the pulse width control to make it sound like velcro. I usually run mine with subs on 3, fuzz all out, but there are a lot of tones in between. The pulse width control also seems to act somewhat like a noise gate at higher levels, making the Mastotron much less noisy than some fuzz boxes.
  4. I used to use the small Jazz III's - I swore by them and used them for 15 years or so. Then one day I went to look for a larger pick for campfire strumming (I kept bashing my finger up strumming with the small pick). I found out that there was a larger version of the Jazz III - the Jazz III-XL. so I bought one - and have used it since. I love the grip on it, never slips or turns. Bright red so if you drop in on stage in dark lighting they are easily located. I would love to try a V-pick. I have heard good things. I am always on a pick quest. Despite my happiness I seem to think there is a holy grail out there somewhere! Gotta check those out, I have a nasty callous on top of my index finger from scraping it on the strings using Jazz IIIs.
  5. Thanks for all the responses! Really cleared some things up. One more question. When I was first learning about secondary dominants, my guitar teacher used Radiohead's "Creep" as an example. It's G-B7-C-Cmin. My teacher described the substitution of B7 for the diatonic Bmin as a "secondary dominant", the "five of six" (v/vi) if I recall correctly because B7 sets up a nice V-I change to Emin (the vi chord). In this case there is no Emin the B7 resolves to. Is it still called a secondary dominant if you're not resolving to the target chord? Clearly the B7 is being borrowed from somewhere, so is there a better way to describe this substitution?
  6. Hey guys, trying to get a grasp on this concept. Using this progression as an example Em7 Am7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 (it's a iii-vi-ii-V7-I progression in the key of C major) I want to add a secondary dominant leading to Em7. B is a fifth above E, so I know the root will be B- but what about the rest of the chord- major or minor? My book says B7. Why major? I guess my central question is when you are building a secondary dominant chord, what scale do you harmonize to build the chord? Because if we harmonize off the C major scale, B should be minor. We aren't harmonizing off of Em as well because B is a minor chord in the key of Eminor.
  7. Carbon Copy + Holy Grail Nano...+ DD6 when I'm feeling adventurous.
  8. Boxy is probably the only bad thing you can say about it, but its small and open back so if you get it off the ground and crank it it really fills up space. Great clean, great pushed sound. Reverb is meh. It's super light! For that reason it was my favorite amp for a while. So nice being able to only have to make one trip to the car. Unfortunately being light made it really easy for some asshole to steal mine.
  9. I dig this pedal, so a bump for you sir .
  10. Hey, I know you can buy a y-cable for the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power that will allow you to power two 9v pedals from one jack on the Pedal Power...can you do this with the BBE Supercharger?
  11. Did you end up picking up a Mastotron/Fuzz Factory? I'm looking at the same decision right now.
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