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  1. I have both the Blue & Black Paisley pedals. Love them both.
  2. Originally posted by thisgoesto11 haha, yup free. one of the other salesguys at my company needed to unload a piece so he sent it to me. he "ran out of wallspace" when he got a new rick and SG on a GC bender. Hahahahaha! Gotta love THAT one!
  3. A FREE 335 clone? Damn! Go to WWW.guitarfetish.com And post some pics!
  4. That's great news Kevman - way to go Dustball! I agree with my brother JJPistols - {censored} you cancer!
  5. Originally posted by hoerni Stopped by yesterday. Some of the Douglas's sounded okay, but I try to stay away from them. And what do you find wrong with the Douglas semi-hollow body guitars? Here's mine: hint: it's the one on the left. The one on the right is a SX SEG2 AM that I picked up at Rondo on my birthday. Set me back a grand total of $90. Damn, I'm gonna miss Rondo Music.
  6. Originally posted by onbongos considering recent events in union, nj, i wouldn't want to operate a retail business there either. it's sad, they've been there since 1959 what 'chu talkin' about Willis? Up here in New Joisey (I live about 8 miles away from Rondo) we get shootings like that on a daily fuckin' basis. I don't blame Kurt one bit for getting the hell outta here - plus Route 22 where he's located is a friggin' traffic nightmare at times.
  7. Originally posted by Chris Gansz I went to Rondo music today to buy a SKY Stevie Ray Vaughan replica Strat by SX (later post when I get some batteries for my camera). On my way onto Route 22 in Union there is a big "Building For Sale" sign hanging on the side of the store. One of the sales reps informed me that Kurt is moving the on line business to New Hampshire and he might open a store there. Bummer - now what am I gonna do for immediate guitar GAS gratification:( That sucks, bro. Rondo Music has been my Mom & Pop music store since 1969 - back then I use to go there to get my cartridges & stylus for whatever turntable was hooked up to my stereo. It's only been within the past 5 years that I have been going there for guitars & accessories. I heard a rumor back in August when I was there that Kurt was considering a move to NH. Hey, God bless him - whatever is going to put more $$$ in his pocket. NJ is becoming more of a pain in the rump as time goes by. I want to be there when they lock the door for the last time - should be an interesting experience.
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