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  1. There's is a whole forum for sale/trades. here
  2. Now with pictures for your viewing pleasure.
  3. Keep your gear. Don't get married. Best advice you will ever receive. :blah: jaded much? Some of us have found good girls. Stop pissing in our Wheaties. Way to go Denson.
  4. wrong forum, I am an idiot. delete me.
  5. I've played it less than 30 hours total, and it is in perfect condition with the original strings. I just bought a mighty mite unlined fretless neck to put into another bass, so I won't be needing this SX anymore. I'd also trade it and cash for interesting 4 string basses. Feel free to PM me with offers. SOLD See below for pictures.
  6. they had a great song on the judgement night soundtrack.
  7. I keep hearing that the late 80s MIJ Fenders were great instruments. Does this apply to the MIJ Squires of that era as well? And how much do they sell for?
  8. thanks everyone. It turns out, I like a few of the artists mentioned here. I just never knew that THAT was dub. awesome.
  9. I am keeping it simple. White on Black. What sites are in the $5 range?
  10. Originally posted by s4001 urban dictionary: Dub 5. The art of making a remix, especially a reggae song, in which the lyrics are all or partially removed and the focus is placed on the drum track and the bass I think that is what I read about. okay, thanks.
  11. Originally posted by Polaris20 Avatar with V30's is what I have, and it sounds great! I think I paid like $289 + shipping for it. Awesome value, imo. yup. Avatar is the way to go for good, solid, affordable cabs.
  12. Is it hard to silk screen shirts, to be good enough to sell as band merch? Or is it better to hire a company to do it?
  13. I have seen this word used to desribe both music and tonal quality. what is dub?
  14. so this is out now? I've liked these guys since the days of Burn the Priest.
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