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  1. Originally posted by cdp The original post indicated "at the beginning of the night he (soundman) was impressed with my pedal". Does this mean he liked the way it sounded, or the way it looked? What impressed him about it? Need more info on this. I don't usually hear about how much the soundman is paid when I play out, and to be honest I don't ask. I'd say it's a safe bet they don't get tons of cash at the end of the night. Again, I'd much rather have an "ok" soundman than none at all!!! Impressed becuase he has something similar...I had not played at that point. He nver mentioned anything else about my tones...just don't compress the signal so much.... I had no idea that the comp would be bad...
  2. Originally posted by Johnny Fandango Compression tastes really good to me...specially live. Live, I NEED compression... REALLY? Does your sound guy say anything...??
  3. does anyone know of a patch for the volumes issues with the POD XTL????
  4. All my sounds sound {censored}ty for recording...They are all for live... I know that the sound guy was trying to be helpfull....So I want to take his advise...I will just mean alot of work with effect to get all comp out and fix the volumes... So...do I have too much comp for straight out as well...Or does this problem only happen when I'm miked???
  5. Thanks... Just so every one knows...I did not run direct to PA...I go through a Carver 250wt amp for power running Marshall 4x12 and a Marshall 4x10 on top...He miked the 4x12... The sound man plays guitar as well...
  6. Just did a gig on Sat...First time with production using my Line 6 PODXT Live for guitar effects. We usually just go straight out...But this club had a half decent PA suppied with a sound man... The sound man said that I had too much compression on my effects. I do have comp on my effects so I can boost the volume. He said that for live I should not have all that compression. Now at the begining of the night he was impressed with my pedal...And I told him that the only thing that I didn't like was that for some of the tones I couldn't get any more volume out of it unless I added some comp. I am not sure if he was just saying I had too much because I told him that I had it compressed or because it really made a difference. He said not to have too much compression with live guitar becasue the sound man can only do so much with a comp effects... Not sure if I should take the advise and change my settings..... Comments???
  7. i think they played here in London, ONT. The press gave them good reviews. I saw a trailer from one of the adds on the local tv station. I don't know....I though I could play the solo to Money better than what I saw. But hey...I shouldn't judge by a 15 sec snipit that was them just doing a sound check!
  8. I had the same problem when i bought my PODXT Live. I NEVER created my own tones. I always used the presets. Once I got it all set up *3 months* I will never go back! The range of styles that can be played on this thing is great.] I am in a Classic Rock cover band. So (like someone said) I need to have a very wide range of tones to replicate the band we are covering. If you already had a sound you liked....I would agree....you shouldn't have waved that. You spent alot of money for nothing. BUT!!!!!! THe advantage of have the PODXTL is that you always have the ability to change your sound (or download someone's else's) THe only way i got a good sound from the thing is when I stopped using my marshall head with the unit. I bought a carver pmx 250 that solved all my problems. THe pod likes to have its' signal boosted...period. It does not want to be changed by the colour of your amp.
  9. I found that even teaching some younger talent helps you as well. Force you to re-learn! If you have the patience....lessons can always be good....But!....I don't care on the paying bit...Sometimes just picking an artist that you would like to play in the style of..and learning his solo paterns and scales and personal pref's will help you learn a certain sytle of playing rather than just certain scales that s teacher may show you. Just my 2 cents.....
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