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  1. First is an Ibby RGT42fx,neck thru, brand new played about an hour by me all stock $400 + ship Next is a Jackson DKMGT, D activator in bridge and PAF in neck. In perfect shape $340+ship And last is a ltd ex 350,all mahogony emg hz's some light scratches set neck. comes with hardshell case. $190 bucks + ship. CONUS only please. PM for questions or more pics. Thanks
  2. Boss Ge7 guitar eq with power supply . Works 100 %. $35 + ship
  3. Radial switchbone ABY splitter . In perfect condition. Play two amps at once.These go for 250 new. This one is just like new for $125 + ship.
  4. In great shape. Body and neck are mahogany , has the "good" emg passives in it. Points are all in good shape. Comes with a hardshell case which is scuffed but still very solid. $250 + ship. Those are not scratches below the bridge. If you need more pics just message me.
  5. Jackson DR7- MIJ-alder body no scratches no chips no fret buzz. Best neck on a 7 I've ever played. Yea it does have the duncan designed pickups, but for this price you can stick what ever you want in it. 275 shipped CONUS. If you need more pics just ask
  6. BTT and price drop 330 shipped
  7. RuptureMetal

    Engl e520

    The predecessor to the 530 only this has 4 12ax7 preamp tubes. Great cleans and sick distortion. $350 shipped Conus
  8. Trying to sell here before it goes on Egay. Predecessor to the 530,four 12ax7 tubes. This thing sounds heavy. Has a couple of scratchy pots(only when moving them) that some contact spray should clear up. Looks good, I'll throw up pics later. $360 shipped conus.
  9. bump for lower price
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