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  1. ^ i actually got ring and sleeve mixed up (sorry its beer oclock around here and i rushed typing) i edited my post with a noob friendly reference pic
  2. positive speaker tab goes to tip of the jack/plug negative of speaker tab goes to sleeve of the jack/plug
  3. some of hte switchless wahs have a trimpot/trimmer to adjust the lag... pics of the guts and/or a schematic???
  4. ^ what I mean by boosting is pedal output cranked and gain lowish into an amp thats already crunchy... Not for more volume but moreso compression/saturation.Anyways im starting to recollect the unity gain or lack thereoff and already have some ideas RE: a gut/rebuild. Just watched a pgs demo and andy was rocking out some Alice in chains with The dist+ ... Im a sucker for all things AIC
  5. Its a great pedal, but the new ones sound a bit brighter than the originals. I have two from the 70's that I seem to use on every recording I do at this point and I would use a RI on my live board. im familiar with the dist+/DOD250 circuits...i and tend to favour the 250 more and used one as a booster into a crucnhy amp...but my memory is hazy REthe dist+ sound...but i think it was a bit more compresed? how do you find the RI for boosting purposes? im not a snob and will find a way to intergrate this into one of my setup/boards...and brighter...i can live with...its easier to tame it than add brightness IMO cant seem to find any gut shots...safe to assume SMD components, even theres not many components?
  6. bit of a CSB...but My Parent-in-laws are holidaying in Japan at the moment...Wife told me that her mum emailed saying how her Dad bought me a pedal!!! Its... My Father-in-law plays guitar too...and was apparently really excited in picking this one out for me...as he knows i like
  7. Yup. Big box vintage rat ri into my jetcity jca20h. Also good results with a rat build with reutz pot
  8. I really wouldn't recommend it as a money making venture - do it because you love it and for no other reason, because sometimes that will be the only reason to keep you going. this+1000000 i approach "making pedals" the same way as writing songs...its the desire to design, create, recreate... or covering/interepreting a song...imitatating and/or putting your own spin on things... personally...the thing that brings a massive smile to my face is hearing something ive built being used by someone else...ive had a few insanely good bands aroudn my traps seek out my pedals ... and finding out that theyre being used on their recordings/live ...just makes all the time and effort worth it.
  9. Just asking opinions of that tone setting... FWIW Its a stripped back/modified take on the standard fuzz circuit....
  10. That's the FZ-7? And just curious, you a fan of Bongripper? im not 100% sure the tonelok FZ-7 is based on the ibby standard fuzz. not heard of Bongripper...this was just a test recording, inbetween soldering.
  11. Ill make a proper demo ...soon , including a comparison to my ibby (fuzz side of the standard wau)
  12. You need time + capital..,. You're lucky in a sense thay nowadays there is a wealth of resources and info available on the net.
  13. What do u think of this sound sample http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11859478
  14. saw them live for the first time earlier this year(or was it last year) stupid crowd was mostly there for glory box and these anoying drunk bitches were talking through all the songs they didnt know...which was most of them. great set and awesome toans. i had some sort of epileptic fit? blanked out for a split second/weird euphoria during "threads" its never ever happened to me before...and i havent touched any halluciongenitcs or drugs for a very long long time...im pretty sure it was a flashback...weird...scary and awesome at the same time. ive been frightened at the thought of listening to that song since.
  15. my friend was selling one of these 30th anniversary LM a while back for stoopid cheap. i wished i had picked it up.
  16. Ill prob be the last to get mine... But ill chuck a demo up.
  17. Cant seem to find much info on these... Apart from its rare and normal collectability( whatever that means) any users/fans?
  18. only thing I can add is Make sure it is as tall as a standard pedal. nobody would be able to fit another wah length pedal on their board if you get what Im saying. yes...its my main concern...fitting 3 12AX7s and a transformer is going to be ...challenging. theres some designs ive found/like but ill keep investigating. have you seen the koch pedaltone? my friend has one...its like a small pedalboard size itself...would love to see a pic with it next to a TU-1000
  19. preferably tube preamp ones...and on your board... basically im investigating enclosure sizes for tube pre pedal design...that isnt starved... the enclosure is going to have to be big...but hopefully not koch pedaltone gigantic...and hopefully somewhere in between the black star HT/mesa V-twin/H&K tubefactor pedals anyone use one on their board? pics please?
  20. my latest board revision has the dirt/muffs split into top and bottom row for humbuckers and single coils. so ill ab between top and bottom...just need more patch cables and to build/buy a bypass strip with A or B and master bypass) i hate playing pedal board tetris and having to wire up everything...one day ill get a TGP "neat" looking board...one day! the beige pedal is a opamp muff+DOD250 with fx order flip flop i recently built. im still not sold on the op amp muff circuit. my next incomming will either be a collossus and/or a musket.
  21. anyone have any experience with these products from two-notes - the torpedo live has me intrigued...my friend has one but i havent had a chace to hear it in action yet... http://www.two-notes.com/en/
  22. Fwiw I scored a big box RI rat for less than half the price of a new mooer BS this week.
  23. I don't know what a fast track is either. Have you considered wiring one tone knob to the bridge pup for more versatility? I've often thought about doing this because I'm not crazy about the bridge pup on its own either. i have it wired up atm with one master volume and one tone. i work both controls controls for tonal variations no problems at all...even when flicking between pickups ive wired the third tone as a bridge/neck blend (when in the neck position) anways...ive decided to pass...only because when i play this strat...it makes me play more...stratty...and if i put in a higher bucker sounding stacked S/C i might end up busting out the chugah chuggahs...which i have guitars that do that much better...
  24. i have a strat...i love it for...strat style playing...love the neck position and the neck/middle position. dont really mind the middle and middle bridge...and never really bonded with the bridge on its own...i basically use it for leads only. current pickups (and my fav so far) are the suhr FL standard set... this is my only S/S/S guitar and id like to keep it this way. ive got my heavy tones/humbuckers covered (PRS and LP) as well as a Tele with...a Dimarzio ChopperT in the bridge...which is also one of my favourites... im pretty sure i will dig having a fast track in the bridge position of the strat...i dont really care about "quack" tones...but im also thinking...maybe i should just keep it boring standard...every guitar collection needs a good strat right?
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